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Wedding Collection

Discover our hair jewelry for the bride, for the procession or for any other ceremony.

Éclat de mouvement


For 20 years, Maison Valérie Valentine has been the most renowned specialist for hair accessories and bridal hair jewelry, using leather and Swarovski® crystals, offering a wide range of hair jewelry to complement all types of hairstyles, from the more understated to the boldest. Treat yourself to one of our creations to put the finishing touch to any look, for a special event (wedding, Christmas or New Year’s parties, birthdays, or romantic dates) or simply for every day.

Depending on the type of event at which you will wear your velvet or banana fiber hairband, your made in France satin scrunchie or one of the multitude of other accessories designed by Maison Valérie Valentine, you will be able to browse the collections and products and discover pieces of every size and style, from subtle designs to extravagant models, like the Trésor XXL hairband which has been specially developed to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Swarovski® house.

Our bridal hairclips, our barrettes which have been handmade in Paris, and our luxury hair sticks are both functional and attractive, and often studded with gorgeous Swarovski® crystals. Materials of the highest quality, such as leather or silk satin, make the base or finish of these accessories which suit every daily hairstyle, whether you wear your hair loose, braided, in a bun or in a ponytail. Other items will delight the lovers of hair jewelry: headbands, ponytail holders, scrunchies or combs will enhance all your looks.


Have your custom-made accessory made

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Choose the cystal from Swaroski
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Scrunchies Accessories

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Hairbands Collection

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Luxury hairbands, leather headbands, Swarovski® crystal-studded hairclips, combs, designer barrettes or velvet elastic bands: all our accessories are entirely handmade in our Parisian workshops, in the heart of the Marais, using high-grade materials. The details and finishing are always impeccable. Most of our pieces feature Swarovski® crystals, combining top quality with outstanding radiance. Our house’s French craftsmanship is renowned throughout the entire world. The Valérie Valentine brand is available in many retail outlets (concessions and boutiques) across the globe, including Russia, Asia and Northern Europe. We also have our own shop in Paris, in the 3rd district, situated just a few steps from the Place des Vosges.

Every accessory by Maison Valérie Valentine is made in our French studios in Paris, by our expert artisans specialized in luxury small leather accessories. Great attention is given to designing and crafting each piece, as every one is considered a one-of-a-kind accessory. That’s why our creations are made in small batches.

Renowned internationally, the Valérie Valentine house perpetuates and respects its traditional values including the repurposing of raw materials and a no-waste ethos (incidentally, it was through the recycling of leftover hides that were otherwise considered unsuitable for producing new fashion accessories and pieces that the first brand collections were born, and in fact, the French fashion house) while regularly innovating and offering new materials, such as banana fiber. This quest for excellence allowed us to be recognized by the most prestigious names in Haute Couture, with which we regularly collaborate.

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The hair accessories trend was born in France during the 17th century – at that time they were mainly seen among the court ladies and nobility.
In the 20th century, hair jewelry made a come-back displaying an array of styles throughout the decades: the “roaring twenties” (which were the 30s in France or années folles) were marked by the widespread use of bibis, hats and headbands, the 60s by their famous scarves, headbands and bows worn on the hair, the hippie years also by headbands and the flower crowns worn by women, and then the 80s identifiable by their neon hair accessories.

Of all these fashion trends, one stands out: the headband, which comes in every size and forms. From around 2010 onwards, headbands became omnipresent in France and in the fashion world. It was widely adopted at first by stars and celebs, then by the media and finally by bloggers. The headband is here to stay. But today, it has strong competition: hairbands, barrettes and scrunchies form a trio of hair accessories, that are most desirable and sought after by fashionistas and beauty addicts, as well as fans of shopping and hairstyles.

Hair accessories (made in Paris in the case of those created by Valérie Valentine) are now widely worn as staple items, seen on everyday looks just like bracelets, rings or necklaces. Choose an easy-to-style barrette with a bow or a beautiful headband or hairband, for a stunning bridal hairstyle. To summarize, hair jewels and accessories are your best companions for the everyday or for special events.